I need your help

I, Ross Ward, have announced my candidacy for South Carolina House District 112 as the Republican nominee and I need your help.

As I complete my 3rd and final year at the prestigious Charleston School of Law, I am awestruck by the poetic language of Our Constitution and the great legal system which emerged from humble origins. Then, I look at the state of our nation and ponder where it all went wrong:
Skyrocketing gas prices
Citizens robbed of their civil liberties
A fraudulently elected President
Never has the demand for leadership been greater than at this moment.
I need your help to make a difference: https://bit.ly/ross-ward-for-sc

I am committed to:
Christian Values
Putting America First
A Robust Military

My website is: https://www.rosswardrepublican.com

I am ready to move South Carolina forward by fighting for the values of Donald Trump and the America First movement and against the radical leftist destruction of traditional family values.

If you can help, please donate: https://bit.ly/ross-ward-for-sc